Prison Break: Free To Be Me

Morals, Expectations, Religious Beliefs, and Fear are the four walls many of you are trapped within.  A prison in which your inner being is suffocating and gasping for air… You’re dying inwardly, barely surviving outwardly and each morning you dread getting out of bed because you have to be whom everyone else thinks you should be… You dress yourself in lies and facades, put on a happy face, but the entire time you’re thinking, “I wish I could just be me”.  “The me” that’s not perfect, has issues, screwed up a lil bit, and “the me” who is free to be whoever and whatever they want to be…

Morals taught you who you are is wrong….  Expectations say that you are not good enough…  Religious Beliefs reveals that you are not pleasing…  Fear has hoodwinked you into believing who you are will be rejected…  Because of these things, you are trapped and your soul is dying…  All you want is to be happy and the freedom of being your authentic self, but it comes at a cost…  The cost of disappointing family and friends, being perceived as a failure, not living up to whom God created you to be, and the cost of people walking away…. If only you could be you…

What I know for sure is…  You only have one life to live…  I’ve learned “morals” are masked “fears”…  Fears in which our parents taught and passed down to us…  “Expectations” are masked (Click “HERE” to read more)


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