I’m Not Where I Should Be…

This blog will hit home for many of you reading today, because the title of this post is something you’ve said once or twice before, or possibly just said today…  Age, color, gender has nothing to do with it, but for some odd reason you believe your life isn’t measuring up…   You envisioned by today you would be in a completely different place in life, but you’re not and it’s frustrating as hell…  Maybe you had a kid at an early age and life detoured…  Maybe your marriage ended and life detoured…  Maybe you lost your job, home, car, pride and life detoured..  It could be various things which have you saying the above…  So if you’re reading and you’ve actually quoted the above, let me ask you a question…  Exactly where is it you should be?  Is it married with kids?  Completed your Doctorate program? President of a Fortune 500 Company? Traveling the world?  More (Click “HERE” to read more)


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