Confident In Being Vulnerable

“Confidence is not something you learn or buy, but something you possess…  It assassinates comparisons, murders insecurities, and it kills following, while giving birth to new trends….  Confidence doesn’t seek the approval of others through buying the bar, expensive gifts, or overspending to impress people who don’t give a damn about them.  It doesn’t need Prada and True Religion Jeans to create sexiness, a white T and a pair of Levi’s will do just fine….  Confidence is not verbally spoken, but physically…  It screams in the actions, walk, and persona of a person… “John Patrick Adams, “How to Win the Dating Game”

One of the greatest fears many daters possess is opening themselves up and being left feeling like a fool…  In modern day terms this would be considered “played”; “rejected”; “abandoned” or “taken advantage of”…  It’s amazing how we fear rejection of who we truly are, so we mask our true selves with an illusion of (Click “HERE” to read more)


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