Breaking Free Of Fear


Whether it’s a relationship, job or just everyday living, “NO” has paralyzed so many of you reading this post…  You’ve allowed this simple word to kill your hope, destroy your desires, poison your potential and because of this fear, you’re living your life far less than what you’re supposed to…  I’ve learned the word “no” is not a closed door, the end, nor is the final say…  Because you are destined no shouldn’t be looked as a closed door, but as directions to the door in which you’re supposed to open and walk through.  Righty now you’re living in fear, but fear of what???  Fear of having to start over??? Fear of what they’ve said is true??? Or is it fear of your full potential???

“No” is not rejection, but redirection…  If you receive a “no”, DON’T QUIT, find a yes…  If you receive a “no”, DON’T SETTLE, create a yes (Sometimes you have to create your own path)…  If you receive a “no”, DON’T QUESTION YOUR WORTH, build a “yes” within yourself… Within you are powers  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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