Status Change: Social Media

Many of you change your Social Media status more than you change your underwear…  You long for the day to change it from “Single” to “In A Relationship” or “Married”, when actually it should remain at “It’s Complicated”….  You see it’s complicated because you’re complicated…  Secretly you’re thirsty, desperate, abusive, ungrateful, and someone who needs to remain “Single”…  Because Social Media has become the place where people are discovered overnight, everyone is seeking some type of attention…  You’re an “Attention Whore” who wants to show the 1k plus friends/followers whom YOU REALLY DON’T KNOW that you’re good enough; can find love, but in your heart you’re really hoping to finally be inducted into the “Cool Kids Club”.

I can only laugh when I see people change their status to “In a Relationship” on Monday and three weeks later it’s back to either “Single” or you guessed it “It’s Complicated”.  So desperately wanting to share with the world they’ve found love, but they don’t even know the person they’re supposedly involved with….  They just want to feel a part of the world, to be normal, and  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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