“Lord, What’s Wrong With Me?”

The title of this blog is a question many of you asked God today…  You want it so bad, yet it never happens for you…  Everyone around you is getting it, moving forward with life, yet you’re still stuck without…  You know without a doubt you’re qualified, have what it takes and you’re more than ready for it, but nothing is coming your way…  You’ve examined everything you’ve done and you’ve come to the conclusion you must be doing something wrong, because nothing right seems to find you…

What I know for sure is…  Nothing is wrong with you…  You’re not doing anything wrong, nor is God punishing you…   Everything happens when it’s supposed to happen, not a minute sooner…  Just because He hasn’t blessed you with the man/woman you so truly desire, doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you, it could be He’s working on him/her and getting them ready to enhance not complete you…  Just because you haven’t landed the job (Click “HERE” to read more)


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