What Makes Me A Relationship Expert??? You Ask…


This past weekend I was asked the question many of you are thinking, “What makes you a relationship expert???” and to be honest with you, NOTHING makes me an expert on your relationship or love life….  But I have to ask you, what makes Steve Harvey (divorced), Oprah (never been married), Dr. Phil (un-relatable – married before you were born) or any other famous person you tend to listen to an expert on your relationship or love life???  Is it because they have millions of followers???  Have a syndicated radio or TV show???  Is it because they portray a happy marriage/relationship for the world to see???  I’m always blown away how someone who doesn’t have as great of a following YET can say the very thing someone famous says, but it’s not quite as valuable or applicable coming from them…

So let’s get back to me…  I’m not an expert on relationships, nor is “How to Win the Dating Game” a book on relationships…  As a single man who actively dates, I’m relatable…  Outside the fact I’m a Certified Life Coach, I understand and  (Click “HERE” to read more )


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