An Appointment With Destiny…


Many of you are filled with mind blowing concepts, ideas, and things that could change the world as we know it today, but you’re waiting…  Waiting for the right time, the right person, for someone to recognize you…  Did you know each day destiny awaits you???  That just like you’re waiting for someone to recognize you, it’s waiting for you to recognize it???  Well it’s true…  Everything you want or could possibly have is waiting for you to grab hold of it…

Many times we’re looking for the finished product and this is not how it always happens…  Sometimes destiny presents itself in the beginning and brainstorming stages…  It asks you to put in a little work…  It requires you to prove your thirst and hunger for what you want…   Do you remember as a child how you were able to see yourself working the profession you wanted? Living in the house you wanted?  Married to the man/woman you wanted?  Well somewhere in life someone told you, “No, you can’t do that”, and you  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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