Final Post: How You Know They Just Wanna…


So yesterday’s post had some of you all up in your feelings…. DISCLAIMER:  Well if you thought I hit that spot yesterday, we’re about to go for round two…  Okay, I thought what better way to go out than with a bang (No Pun intended)…  Just a reminder, this will be my final post until 9.1.2015, enjoy your summer folks as I plan on doing the same…  Make sure to check out my weekly Vlogs, I have some pretty freaking hott topics for you all…  Happy Summer #ReplenishingTime

So how do you know they just wanna “Bump-N-Grind”, “Get All Up In Yo Guts”, “Knock Yo Boots”(Y’all remember that song), “Float In Your Ocean”, or for you ratchet folks, the “F Word”…  Yesterday’s blog talked about 6 Questions You Shouldn’t Answer On A First Date, so today I’m going to talk about “5 Ways You Can Tell If They Just Wanna….”.  Now to the defense of some folks, when they first went out on the date or met you, “sex” wasn’t the goal…  But after talking to you and realizing MENTALLY you weren’t attractive; you’re thirsty or too damn aggressive, they decided at least he/she should be compensated for dealing with you…

So here we go…

“What’s Your Favorite Position?”:  Now to some of you this may sound ludicrous, but many of you reading this post have been asked this and sadly to say, silly enough to answer it…  You thought it was kinda rude and inappropriate, but because they were so freaking cute and had everything you wanted in a mate, you went along with it…  Note:  If a man or woman asks you this in the early stages of getting to know you, you’re just another notch on their belt… This is not just men, but women as well…  We live in the era of the “Strong Woman” who has no problem sinking her teeth into a well primed piece of beef, so men don’t think you have the upper hand here, she’s not easy (Possibly a lil whorish), but you’re just have something she wants at the moment… #DontFlatterYourself

“What are you wearing?”:  Now it’s late at night, you just shared you’re lying in bed, so what else would you have on other than your pajamas???  To some women, they find this cute… “Awe, he wants to know what type of pajama’s I’m wearing”… NAWWWWW…  The only interest he has regarding your pajamas is them being taken off, it’s called “Phone Bone”…  Because you find them to be so freaking cute and they possess everything you want in a mate… Sadly to say, some of you play along, go through the motions and once he gets his, you’re mad because you didn’t get yours, he’s wrapping up the conversation, and you’re too aroused to go to sleep…  Note:  If a man or woman asks you this in the early stages of getting to know you, they have no interest in finding out what’s inside you, only in getting out what’s inside them… (You’ll get it on your way home…)

“Do you wanna come over and watch a movie?”:  Now unless he or she has a 72 inch 4k Samsung Curve Television, Bose Surround Sound, and a Samsung 3D Blue Ray (Click “HERE” to read more)


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