Don’t Blame Me For Your Insecurities…


Check out Part 1:  “No One Wants Them But You!!!”

When you cut through the foolishness, if a person is secure within their relationship, there is nothing no man/woman can do to change this.  It doesn’t matter if the outsider is the most gorgeous person we’ve ever seen, due to the fact the person in the relationship is secure within themselves and their partner, you are just another masterpiece the Man above created…  But this is in a perfect world where there are no sluts, THOT’s, trifflin women/men, back stabbing besties, and a world where crossing the lines of friendship and intimacy doesn’t exist…

A world where men would never cheat on their women, women would never entertain secret and inappropriate conversations with other men, and a world where friends respected the sanctity of marriage…  But is everyone the same?  Can men and women be friends without having sex?  Can a married woman/man have a best friend of the opposite sex who is single?  And lastly, is it the friends fault the mate is insecure with their man/woman?

Today I want to talk about “The Friend Who Is Untaken”:

So can they be friends with someone who is either married or in a committed relationship without anything ever going down?  ABSOLUTELY, but here are three ways they go wrong…

Just because your bestie tied the knot or is in a committed relationship, doesn’t mean you have to be their mate’s friend.  It’s true sometimes we don’t like the person our friends marry or get involved with, but that’s not your choice or your business.  Where the outsider goes wrong is not only disrespecting the marriage/relationship, but disrespecting their friendship.  You can’t call your (Click “HERE” to read more)


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