I Was Once A Skeptic Too

Are you for or against Crowdfunding… Check out the reasoning behind and support Author, Carlos Harleaux….



About two years ago I was on the other side of the fence of crowdfunding. I didn’t understand it and seemed like it was another quick scheme for people to get rich. I also thought that it was a step down in pride to publicly “beg” people for money. I didn’t understand if people had money to create their music, films and books, then what was the need to ask other people for it. Well, I get it. At first sight, it may be difficult to fully comprehend the brilliance that lies beneath the surface of crowdfunding.

These days, I’m firmly planted on the other side of the fence in regards to my thoughts about crowdfunding. Does it have something to do with my current Kickstarter for my very first novel, Fortune Cookie? Of course it does. But as a backer of 7 different projects, before I even launched mine…

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