Gurl, You’re Running Your Man Off…


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Ladies, do you have that one friend who has a great man, yet she treats him like the dogs you seem to repeatedly attract?  She’s treated like a queen, never has anything to worry about, and he’s emotionally available not only for her, but her children with him and the children by her last man as well…  BUT she constantly complains he’s not doing enough?  She castrates him publicly, disrespects him privately, and when you ladies get together she has the audacity to say she can find better???  Is it, he’s allowing her to disrespect him?  Or is it she’s just an ungrateful, unappreciative skank who is unaware she’s running her man off???

This week I received a message from a newbie here at asking me to write about Chic’s who have good men, yet they run them off…

So here’s my truth…

Some women can’t handle a good man…  They want to be dogged out, treated badly, cursed out, and belittled in order to feel a sense of love and appreciation.  They can’t handle a man who’s willing to be available and not chased…  A man who is honest and not a liar…  They want a man who’s going to call them the “B” word, and I’m not talking about “Beautiful”… it’s sad but true, these types of women tend to always attract the great men, yet they push  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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