You’re A Hookup Because…


Okay, most times the differences between the sexes are highlighted and rarely ever are the similarities. So today I want to talk about a similarity most of you reading can testify to…  There are two things both men and women enjoy looking at, touching, caressing, and sometimes squeezing… Nicki Minaj recently told us Anacondas loves one of them, but what is the other???  You guess it, a nice CHEST… Both men and women love a firm chest/breast and some tight buns, do I have a witness?  You can be butt ugly, but if you possess these two things, you’re sure to get at least a little play…

As stated in yesterday’s post “You’re In The Friend Zone Because…”, we are visual beings…  At “First Sight” we place individuals in the “Friend, Hookup, and Marriage Material” category.  As unfair as this may seem, it’s truth…  Appearance and physical attributes have the power to eliminate or welcome us into different places in someone’s life… So how do you get placed in the “Hookup” Category?  Well this category is all about getting needs met…  It’s not about love, wining and dining, nor is it about calling the next day…    It’s all about SEX baby…

Many of you wonder why you’re only called when it’s convenient for the other person; well you’re  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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