The Benefits Of A Strong WOman…

It takes a strong woman to raise a king…  With the rise in divorces and households ran by women, Mothers of all colors are stepping up to the plate, not to fill the shoes of a man, but to compensate for the lack of his presence.  Hats off to all the single mothers raising not only kings, but queens as well…

I received another question and since I’m talking about “Momma’s Boys”, I thought this would be a great way to close out the week… So here we go…

Why do men with the good jobs; the education and looks seek out strong women then after getting them, they try and reduce them to be meek and mild?

My Truth…

Okay this is another question I believe is two fold…  First, I believe strong men seek out strong women because they see them as an asset.  Strong women possess the power to support, encourage, and push a strong man into greater.  Her drive is sexy, determination is stimulating, and her passion can cause an erection not only of the mind, but of his manhood… Strong women can lead the household without any direction…  Strong women can take little and turn it into great… Strong women can block opposition before it reaches him…  Strong women can raise kings and queens, ensure (Click “HERE” to read more)


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