Would You Treat Your Mother Like That?

Check out “Men Are Not To Blame

“If you ever want to know how a man will treat a woman, look at how he treats his mother”

If this quote is true, either several mothers are being treated badly, or some men just lack respect for their woman or women in general.  It’s sad but true; SOME men treat and view women as though they are the scum of the earth.  Constantly playing with their emotions, ignoring their feelings and using them as a means of release, SOME men disrespect women so greatly you have to question whether or not their mother is of the female species….

Sure the “thirst is real”, but does this grant men permission to take advantage of women?  No…  Sure single women outnumber single men, but does this grant men permission to treat women as though they’re a buffet and taste several of them all at once?  No…  Sure there are several women whose esteem is not quite as high as it should be, but does this grant men permission to use and abuse women?  No…  Sure there are countless women who call their bestie the “B” word, but does it grant men permission to call her this?  No…  Sure a woman has the choice to take it or leave it, but does this grant men permission to even give her the choice?  No…

In relationships, SOME men have dropped the ball…  It’s like men have become the chic, while women are now the dude in the relationship.  It doesn’t matter if it’s casually or seriously dating, friends with benefits, or marriage…  I’ve never (Click “HERE” to read more)


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