The Secret Language Of Men…

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I wish I could tell you buried somewhere far away there was an Egyptian Scribe revealing the “Secret Language Of Men”, but there isn’t one…  Throughout history billions of dollars have been made writing books, producing movies, hosting conferences, and directing TV shows in which were supposed to transport women into the mind of a man…  For you women reading this post, a REAL MAN doesn’t have nor need a secret language because he has no fear of putting it out on the table…  Just want to throw that out there…

So where did this myth regarding the “Secret Language of Men” come from???   To be honest, I don’t know, but I can only assume it came from a woman whose man wasn’t doing or treating her how she wanted…  There’s no secret language, whether it’s a real man or a boy trapped in a man’s body, women are told the truth, they just don’t always listen…  Many of you reading this post today are playing games with yourself…  It’s like you’re that little girl all over again pulling pedals off a flower… You remember,  “He loves me, He loves me not”????  You’re blaming what your man is not doing on “he’s just being a man”, and that is the biggest lie you can ever tell yourself…  Its true some men aren’t great verbal communicators, but the actions of a man, speaks louder than any word he could ever say…

You see “interest” causes a man to come  (CLick “HERE” to read more)


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