Black Men: Their Preference, Prejudice, And Past With Black Women…

Yesterday while at a family lunch I was asked by my brother from a WHITE mother, “Why do black men say they will never date a black woman???”  Now to my sista’s reading this blog, before you go throw your computer against the wall, pull out your 100% synthetic human weave, and ruin those eye lashes you just glued on yesterday, listen to what I have to say…  I already know what you’re thinking, “How dare a WHITE man ask anything about a BLACK man, huh???”  Yeah I get it, but in order for him to ask it, he had to hear it from somewhere, right???

Today, I’m going to share a little bit of my thoughts on the preference, prejudices, and past of Black Men dating Black Women…


Just because a brotha prefers a woman of a different ethnic group, doesn’t mean there is something wrong with black women.   He’s just one man, so don’t make it a global project…  You see his “preference” is driven by his “prejudices” which are fueled by his “past”.  Somewhere in life this brotha has had some type of bad experience with a black woman.   Instead of being a MATURE MAN and dealing with the one, he punishes all…  It could be his mother/sister who blurred his vision or the many black women he has dated in the past… Possibly it could have been his father who told him “Son, if you want a good woman, don’t marry a black woman” (one broken man passing down his brokenness – Generational Curses), who knows…  Or lastly, this brotha could prefer NOT to be limited by the color of a woman’s skin and marry or date who he chooses…  Isn’t this called Equal Rights and Minding Your Own Business??


Now this may sound crazy, but there are just as many racist blacks as there are whites…  YEAH I SAID IT…  We judge others based on the areas in which they live, their appearance, the many “Shades Of Black”, their education, job and financial status, and so many other stupid things…  We’re quicker to throw our own under the bus in some cases than “Da Man” or “Daisy” are… DATING and MARRIAGE is no exception…  Because of their past interaction with black women, they’ve group all black women and  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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