CSI (Close Sphere of Influence)

Much of what we do and how we communicate in the world today is based on loose ideas. One of those ways in which we act in a “loose” manner is with the people we let get close to us. Many moons ago, the word friend actually meant something. Now, it’s just a number that increases or decreases based on an accept or decline button. If we were to really take a close look at those around us who we call friends, how many of them can really influence us? We may find that we’re past due for determining the real worth of those people we claim to be our closest friends.

Influence is a powerful thing. No matter how confident or headstrong a person is, anyone can be influenced to some degree. This is why it’s extremely imperative that we keep a watchful eye on who we let into our lives. For today’s post, I won’t really get into the direct negative influence people can have over us. That’s a whole other blog for a different day. Sometimes what is even more dangerous is those people that have indirect (Click “HERE” to read more)


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