Starting Over: Is It Really Over???


Many of you want to move forward, but you’re looking backwards…  You’re in and out of a relationship you know is over, yet you say you want to move on…  You’re holding onto the memories of the good times, reminiscing on what used to be, overlooking what could be…  This week’s video question “So how do you start over after ending a relationship?” was the hardest question so far answering in 3 minutes.  You see starting over requires work many of us aren’t willing to put in…  It requires letting go, forgiving, being alone, and looking within…

Today, I want to ask those of you who desire to move forward, IS IT REALLY OVER???  The first step in starting over is ENDING the relationship….  I’m not talking about getting pissed, saying it’s over, and not calling for a couple of days…  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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