Cut The Ish…

DISCLAIMER:  If you’re looking for the beautiful, this is NOT the blog for you today…

Many of you reading this post are full of it…  Full of what you ask, huh?  Well, ISH (insert your own interpretation of what you believe “ish” means)… You’re missing out on so many great things because you’re full of it…  You prejudge others and situations, so instead of coming to the table as a REAL Man/Woman, you come to it FULL OF ISH…  You withhold or falsify information regarding your education, job, finances, and sexual preference.   You lie about whether or not you have children, how many children you have, relationship/marital status, health status, and so many other things because you’re full of it…

Some of you believe the other person can’t handle the truth, so you give them the beautiful which is “ish” in its truest form…  You say you’re single, no kids, financially stable, never beat a woman, slapped a man, tongue talking, bible walking, never done drugs, casually drink, have your own place, and one day you hope to get married…  Ain’t that some ish????  The truth is you’re involved/married, 3 kids your mate knows about, 2 they don’t; living check to check; you do use your tongue, but not for speaking; never (Click “HERE” to read more)


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