You Should Sit Down For This…

Breakups are never easy. If you’re the one doing the breaking up, you have to worry about sparing the other person’s feelings, while still being straight forward enough to get the point across. That is if you really cared about them in the first place. Being broken up with isn’t easy either. It often comes as a surprise and could take a long time to fully get over. It’s definitely easy to see how breakups on either side of the fence can cause some major anxiety. Meet 37 year old Kristy Mazins. She’s a former bedside nurse who knows a thing or two about choosing her words carefully. She’s also the creator of an Australian service called “Sorry It’s Over”. What exactly does this service do? It breaks up with people for you, so you can sleep well at night.

Kristy’s logic in developing this service is “People don’t like the confrontation. People are scared of it. It’s a much needed service because it takes the fear out of breaking up.” Apparently, people don’t like confrontation so much so that they’re willing to pay Kristy $5.50 to send  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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