How To Deal With Your Insecurities…

Check out “How To Deal With Insecure Friends

Some of you reading this post really don’t need enemies because you’ve become your worst…  Every day you remind yourself of the time you were called fat, a b….h, gay, dumb, stupid, inadequate, and when you were told you would never be anything but a failure…  You replay the day you found out they cheated, lied, betrayed you, and when you were told you’ll never find anyone as good as them…  You measure your success and self-worth by the perceptions of the world, images of the lives of your friends, and what you believe you are lacking…  All these things have made you who you are, right?  They’ve made you the drama queen/king?  Bag Lady?  And crushed your self-esteem?

In life we’re faced with many opportunities in which could cause us to question our worth, intelligence, and our strength.   Just as we’re faced with situations that cause us to question, these same situations can validate us as well.  It’s sad but true; many of you today are living with insecurities because you find comfort in being the victim.  In your mind, being cheated on excuses your controlling, manipulative, and overbearing behavior…  Being lied to excuses your inability to trust, survive in a healthy relationship, and grants you permission to question every damn thing your mate does…  Being called fat as a child excuses your obesity, eating a gallon  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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