SIgns Your Man Is Cheating…


Check out  “Signs Your Woman Is Cheating

Throughout history, man has been compared to the four legged creature we’ve all come to know as the “Dog”.  His inability to commit to one; loyalty to his Master (God), and his service to mankind are all traits in which are often compared.  However there’s one characteristic rarely ever compared to that of a dog, INTELLECT.  You see dogs are pretty darn smart…  Dogs cover their tracks, can sense unseen danger, and they’re smart enough to recognize when they’ve got a good thing going (won’t stray).  Men on the other hand, not so much…

It has also been said outside of a sheep, pig and a hyena, men are the dumbest creatures on the planet.  Like women, men are also found guilty of cheating, but not just three but four ways …  They’re either on the inside banging someone on the outside; outside banging someone on the inside, they’re banging someone else’s chic mentally, or they’re getting their minds blown by the mental pleasures of a woman.

The biggest misconception women have about men is there are no needs…  That a man doesn’t need to be told he’s handsome, a great provider, strong, smart, sexy, and that he’s hitting the right spot…  That a man doesn’t need to (Click “HERE” to read more)


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