I’m Overqualified…


This morning as I was searching for something to write about, I ran across a caption I felt summed up my love life perfectly as well as many of the readers here at JohnPatrickAdams.com

“People ask me, “Why are you single?  You’re attractive, intelligent and creative.” My reply is “I’m overqualified””

Okay I get it, I’m attractive, smart, possess the gene of a creative genius, but what does any of this have to do with me being a relationship at this stage in my life??? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…   If you know anything about me, you’ve probably figured out I’m a very private guy…  I really don’t like people in my business and I keep things surface most times, but it irritates me greatly when people ask “Why are you single?”  Honestly sometimes I want to ask them, “Why are you married?”  You’re unhappy, he/she is unhappy, and the last time you had sex was when you conceived your last child who is now six…  But I digress…

Married, nosey, and interested people (you’re not slick), don’t get it… Dating is a full time job with crappy benefits…   It requires time, energy, and lots of money…  If you’re (Click “HERE” to read more)


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