Apple -vs- Android Foolery

There’s usually one side of the fence that users fall on. Either they are die hard Apple fans or they can’t live without their Android. With Apple and Android both releasing eye catching, sophisticated versions of their top selling phones (iPhone and Samsung Galaxy), it makes you wonder if the companies themselves are just trying to stay ahead of each other. I love my iPod, but when it comes to my phone, I’m team Android all the way. While some can have intelligent, but heated debates about which one is superior, Elias Acevedo and Jiaro Mendez managed to do no such thing. Their Apple vs Android feud turned physical, as in a full on fight.

The brawl went down in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Elias and Jiaro were extremely intoxicated during the heat of their argument over Android and Apple phones. But, then again, don’t all crazy stories involve large amounts of alcohol? Their argument reached a point of no return when Elias struck Jiaro in the back of the head with an empty beer bottle. To make matters worse, he just left him there on the ground bleeding.  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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