86,400 Seconds (GO)



It is now 10:36 pm as I’m beginning to write this blog. My original intention was not to write for today’s post. There was nothing wrong, but I just lacked ideas to write about. Those that I did feel passionate enough to write about, I didn’t quite feel comfortable enough to share…..at least not yet. Maybe that will be another post for another day. By now, I’ve used up most of my seconds. The sad part is I can’t even tell you where many of them went. I can tell you how I felt, who was there, what I said, but there is no way to recount every second that has transpired thus far. Is it just me or do you wish you could grab those seconds by the collar and spend each one exactly how you want to spend it? On your own time. On your own terms. There are 86, 400 seconds in a day. The time is now 10:40 pm and I’ve used up approximately 240 of them while writing this blog.

The average movie (at an hour and a half) last 5,400 seconds. If you’re lucky enough to get 8 hours of sleep every night (I’ve tried and just can’t seem to make it happen), then that’s 28,800 seconds. Let’s say your “light” work day is right at 8 hours too. There goes another 28,800 seconds. 57,600 (Click “HERE” to read more)


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