Glue Won’t Fix This…

I find some of my greatest blogging inspirations at the gym…  Maybe you remember my post “Built For Love” where I shared a conversation with a buddy of mine who recognizes he’s relationship material.  He realizes he’s not a “hit it – quit it” type of guy, so instead of jumping from bed to bed, he finds himself jumping from relationship to relationship…

This morning as I was getting dressed I noticed he was looking somewhat down, so of course I asked what was going on… Long story short, he’s in another draining relationship…  Now to see this guy, you would never imagine him going through relationship problems, he’s exactly what most women want…  Tall, physically fit, educated, a Fireman, great personality, and not a bad looking guy, but he constantly attracts women who drains oppose to enhancing him.  I asked why he was still in the relationship and he answered “Because she’s been in relationships with some bad dudes, so I want to show her what a good man is and maybe she’ll change her ways…”

One thing I’ve learned in my life is you can’t change people…  I don’t care how great of a person you are, how powerful of a prayer warrior you are, or how great you are in bed; you don’t hold or have the power to change anyone…  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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