Is That A Rock In Your Hand???

Don’t you just hate it when people who have no clue of what it takes to be you have so much input on what you should be doing?  They’re constantly giving advice on your situation, problems, and mishaps, yet they wouldn’t survive one day in your shoes…  You know like that friend who tries to make you feel less because you’re not married, yet her husband is cheating and contemplating divorce?  That Manager who gives you a horrible review, yet he/she can’t sit at your desk and do your job?  Or how about that person who always shine light on your mistakes, yet they repeatedly screw up everything they touch?   It’s like either they’re crazy as hell for thinking you are blind, or they fail to  realize they’re living in a glass house and you can see everything going on with them….

What would the world be like if everyone mined their own business?  People swept around their own front door before trying to sweep around yours?  If your problems weren’t the topic of discussion and used to mask someone else’s?

Well the world would be filled with much happier marriages; more independent business owners; productivity on jobs would be out the roof…  The church would have larger memberships, change more lives, and truly build the kingdom  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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