Back Down Memory Lane, NOT!!!

Don’t you just hate when people say “Remember when…” and what follows is something embarrassing, negative, or something from your past?  You know like when you dated that one guy they loved so much, but didn’t know he was slamming your head into the wall???  When you worked a particular job in which you were later fired from???  When you were released from prison; married your first husband; slept around; made a horrible mistake???   Or how about when you vowed you wouldn’t do something ever again, but you didn’t hold to your word???

It’s amazing how people travel down Memory Lane of your life and hold you to things you unlocked the chains years ago…  They’re parked on “Used To Be Avenue”, yet you’ve traveled and relocated to “I AM Blvd”.  You changed, but they’re unable to let go of your past…   People have a way of remembering and rehashing what and who you “used to be”  and many of you reading today are taking the passenger seat in the car driving you right back into your past…

Its funny people will mention your failures, but never say a word about your accomplishments.   They (Click “HERE” to read more)


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