Struggling To Keep It Together…

The world says vulnerability is a weakness…  Seeking help is a flaw… Unable to handle the pressures of the world is failure…  And because of this, so many people including many of you reading this post are cracking…  Cracks as a result of an overwhelming amount of debt, relationship/marriage challenges, self-esteem issues, feeling unloved, depression, work, desperation and just from the struggles life presents each and every day…    You’re struggling to keep it together, to smile in the midst of how you’re feeling, but you’re screaming for your life inwardly…   If one more thing happens, you know you’re not going to be able to handle it….

Where is God, huh?  Where is the one who said He would never leave you, nor forsake you, huh?  Where’s the one whose promises are true, but seems like a lie right about now in your life, huh?  Well He’s right there …  You see the world has taught us “breaking” is a bad thing,, that we should be able to deal with everything that comes our way, and this is a big lie…  Trust me, I understand completely what you’re going through..  I know exactly how you’re feeling, because I’ve been there…

I know how it feels to be behind on bills…  I know how it feels to have problems at work…  I know how it feels to be in a crowded room and yet you feel alone…  I know how it feels to go through relationship issues…  I know how it feels to struggle with your identity, weight, self-esteem, and how it feels to be at a breaking point and no one recognizes something is wrong… I know (Click “HERE” to read more)


One thought on “Struggling To Keep It Together…

  1. You have absolutely no idea how much I needed this right now.

    Sometimes the answer is right in front of you, and you just never open yourself up to see it.

    Thank you…

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