Sorry, You’re My Cup Of Tea…

Just because things didn’t go as planned, doesn’t mean your world has to come to an end…  Many of you are losing sleep over something or someone you have no control over…   You know your worth, the power you possess and how great of a person you are, yet what you have to offer was declined…  WT????  How dare they not accept you?  And who in the hell do they think they are???

You’ve worked hard to gain the things you have…  Spent thousands of dollars paying for your education…  Studied and know the bible backwards and forwards…  You’re a “Something Chic”, yet they chose a “Nothing Hoe”…   Is it something wrong with them?  Or is it you are inadequate??

Sadly to say, most times always, people tend to choose the latter…  Instantly the assumption is there’s something wrong with him/her.    What I’ve learned is people can’t reject you, they can only deny you…

Rejection means something is wrong with you, denial simply means, YOU’RE NOT THEIR CUP OF TEA…  Your next (Click “HERE” to read more)


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