Badger Don’t Play That…

There are a few things to be expected when you stay at a luxury hotel. Prompt and stellar customer service, great food, excellent amenities and a fully stocked mini bar are a few things we technically pay for to stay at such establishments. But one thing we don’t expect is to be harassed by wild animals. Unfortunately, this is exactly what some guests at Raddison Blu, a luxury hotel in Stockholm experienced last week. The grief causing animal wasn’t a snake, a bear or a lion though. It was a badger. In fact, he circled the door of the front lobby for over 40 minutes forcing no one to be able to get in or out.

Badgers have a misleading look about that misleads onlookers to believe they are harmless. But they can and will attack if they feel threatened. In this case, police say that the badger eventually walked off and away from the front lobby door. They also said that his behavior was “crazy” and (Click “HERE” to read more)


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