Just Give Me A Chance…

Many things in life revolve around chance. I don’t really believe in luck, but more so divine chances or connections that are orchestrated (or allowed to be) by God. No matter how intelligent, good looking, articulate, charming or confident we think we are someone has to give us a chance to shine. Think about that new job opportunity you’ve been praying about. No matter how impressive your resume is, it’s the chance that is given from the hiring manager that gets you there.  Even with dating, the other party has to give you a chance to prove yourself. But, the question is, are you going to be worth the chance?

After half the battle is won by getting the chance, then that’s when we have to show and prove. I remember the scene from one of my favorite movies, What’s Love Got To Do With It?, when Tina Turner said she only wanted her name from her marriage to Ike Turner. Due (Click “HERE” to read more)


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