The Purpose Of Your Problems…

It’s only Monday and many of you are already feeling overwhelmed…  You’re drowning in a sea of problems and each time you come up for air, you see no one to help… Seems like every way you turn, something is wrong…  So what is this all about?  Why are you constantly fighting battles? Struggling?  And why can’t you get ahead? Many times we succumb to our problems; we quit too soon and allow “life” to defeat us…  I don’t care how much you pray or fast, no one is exempt from going through something, but the question is, how do you go through it?

Problems arise to change us… Their purpose is to either change our path or to change us…  if today you find yourself faced with the burdens of life, are you going to sit back and do nothing?  Or are you going to find a solution to your situation?

Many of you are hosting a pity party waiting for God to show up and (Click “HERE” to read more)


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