Three Reasons You Can’t Quit…

I’m often asked what inspires me to continue, to stay on my grind, and not quit…  And to be completely honest, I have days I want to give up…  Don’t get me wrong, I love writing music, blogs, books, and watching others as their lives change, but I have days when I just want to throw in the towel…    One thing I’ve learned on my journey is the importance and the role those around you play in your success…  One thing I strongly encourage is having people around you won’t allow you to quit…  I’m blessed to have one of the best people on earth in my corner…  So today I want to share with those of you pondering making the biggest mistake of your life…

Here’s “Three Reasons You Can’t Quit”…

  • Today may be the day what you have to offer is just what someone needs…  What you have to offer could save someone’s life today, never under estimate the power you have…    Reaching millions is wonderful, but if it’s only one you reach and change, you’re more successful than you can ever imagine

  • Today may be the day you’re discovered…  With Social Media, Email, Text, and other forms of Com (Click “Here” to read more)


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