What Happens When You Smile…


A smile has been known to speak the truth, tell lies, and cut someone deeper than you could ever imagine…  It can mask pain; paint the picture of a perfect life, and give misconceptions of happiness. A smile can grab the attention of an interested party, cause others to mirror what they see, and it can brighten up the day of someone who’s wearing a frown…  A smile is very important to our success in everything, so why is there so many people with jacked up grills?  With countless Dentists, Orthodontist and Invisalign, there’s no explainable reason for anyone to walk around with a smile the Snowman from the classic Rudolph would be ashamed of…

Ladies, did you know at first sight you’re grouped?  Well it’s true…  When a man sees a woman for the first time, instantly she’s categorized as a Friend, HookUp, or Relationship Worthy…  Before  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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