Who Stole My Poison?

Earlier this week, I went to lunch at a restaurant called Whiskey Cake (check out yesterday’s Thirsty Thursday post). Their signature desert is so good, that they probably named their restaurant after it. My birthday celebrations are officially over and done with so I’ve been trying to eat healthy again. Well, within reason. Who really can pass up whiskey cake??? Anyone who has ever tasted it knows what I’m talking about. I ordered the desert to go and took it back to work with me. I told myself I would only eat half of the cake and save the rest for tomorrow (which was yesterday). Surprisingly, I stuck to my plan and put half of my uneaten piece of heaven in the refrigerator. Little did I know the surprise waiting for me the next day.

Yesterday I went to the break room and reached inside the refrigerator to get my other half of the cake. It was my pre-lunch snack. Don’t judge me. I know…I’m supposed to be eating healthy again, right? Well I looked all over inside of the refrigerator and someone had eaten my cake! The container was completed gone. Oh, but they were so kind enough to leave me the whip cream that goes with it. How thoughtful. I was really upset not  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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