The Struggle Is Real…

People find it hard to believe I struggle with weight…  Because they only know the “now” John Patrick, they’re unable to process there was more of me to love in the past.  When I look at the picture above, I see a completely different guy.  Not that I was such a bad person at the time, however I had my share of issues…  I didn’t feel as confident not only about my appearance, but life in general… I finally reached the point in my life where I was tired of being out of breath, unable to purchase the clothes I like, so I made up my mind to do whatever it took to lose those extra pounds.  Whether or not you believe it, still today I struggle with weight…

Over the weekend I found myself in a heated discussion as to why I continue to work out…  Her belief is I’ve dropped the weight, so why continue…  Well my response was “I want to like what I see when I’m naked in front of a mirror”…  After about 10 or 15 minutes of going back and forth, she finally got it…  Once you’ve reached your goal, working out is not so much about getting bigger, but maintaining…  Because I easily gain weight, I have to continue putting in the work…  Sure there are days I don’t feel like it, but I still go…  There are times my body ache, but I still go…  In no way do I want (Click “HERE” to read more)


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