Red Skull Foolywang…

Spider Man. Hulk. X-Men. Iron Man. Captain America. The list goes on and on for some of the most popular Marvel comic superheroes. Many fans wait outside for hours for movie tickets, costumes and ultimate experiences to show their love for their favorite Marvel characters. There’s no harm in that right? After all, who doesn’t love a great Marvel plot? But Henry Damon just may be the biggest Marvel fan there is. Or at least I hope no one is a bigger fan than him. He loves Red Skull so much that he chopped off a piece of his own nose to look like him. WTH?!?!

37 year old Henry Damon, from Caracas, Venezuela just can’t help himself. He already has had several facial reconstruction procedures to look more like Red Skull (including sub dermal implants in his forehead).  Emelio Gonzalez, Damon’s surgeon, says he’s not done – even after the nose  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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