No Recipe For A Breakthough…

Written by: Carlos Harleaux

7th Sign Publishing

Have you ever noticed that the best cooks don’t follow recipes? Think about it. If you ask a great cook how they make something, they’ll likely be able to show you better than they can tell you. Well, I experienced this first hand last week. I’ve been praying for something quite some time and have been trying to prepare myself for the perfect dish: my blessing. I tried to do everything I could to be ready to receive what I hoped God would have for me. I felt like I was almost there and then….BOOM!! That’s when it happened. I was able to take a huge leap towards what I had been asking for. But there was one small problem. The opportunity came suddenly, without a proper warning.

How could this happen?? I felt like this was my chance and I was so close that I could taste it. But I needed more time. After all, what good is a breakthrough (Click HERE to read more)


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