Phoenix White: Beautiful Survivor (Interview – Part 1)


Phoenix White may be one of the 24 ladies vying to win the heart of real estate developer and eligible bachelor Shawn Bullard, on WeTV’s new reality dating show Match Made In Heaven. But if you think she’s just a pretty face with no substance, think again. In fact, her own story is so compelling, she could easily have her own reality show. She’s truly a woman on the move balancing motherhood, acting, singing, writing (get her new book, Redifining Strong), producing, photography, philanthropy and directing. In short, she can do it all. I got a chance to catch up with Phoenix and talk to her about her role on Match Made In Heaven, her personal journey and struggles, dating and who she really is when the cameras are off. Here’s Part 1 of our interview. Look for Part 2 to be posted later today.

P.E.: You are such an accomplished woman. A mother, actress, philanthropist, author, producer, etc. How do you find the time for it all and is there something you’re most passionate about right now?

Phoenix: I don’t sleep very much. I love what I do. I just love to create. I’m actually

working on another reality show on TV too.  (Click “HERE” to read the full interview)


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