The Opinions Of Others…

When I receive a compliment, my normal response is “I just told myself that very thing this morning”.  As a result of this I’ve been told a few times “You’re stuck on yourself”….  Maybe this is true, who knows and who really cares???  I try to stay out of other folks business and what they think of me, is none of my business…  I’ve learned each day there’s a possibility I may be faced with the thoughts of others, so I constantly remind myself of the truth.  Whether it’s positive or negative, there’s a chance someone may gussie up the nerves to speak their mind…  If this should happen, I don’t take it personal… If it’s positive, I don’t take it personal because it’s subject to change…  If it’s negative, I don’t take it personal because it’s subject to change…

Many of you reading this post are living your lives chained to the opinions, thoughts, and words of others…  You were told “You’re nothing”, “You’re stuck on yourself”, “It can’t be done”, and other hope crushing words…  Maybe you were called a whore, B**ch, thug, dog, or some other esteem killing names…  Whatever it may be, you’re allowing their thoughts to alter your life…  You’re (Click “HERE” to read more)


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