People Already Know…

We’ve all heard “Truth Hurts” and boy is this an understatement.  I can remember when I used to give it straight up to people…  I gave the uncut, unedited, and raw truth…  Whether or not they asked for it, I gave them my truth…  I can remember times when their response would be “John, you’re right”, but they were crushed and left feeling worse than before asking for my thoughts.  At the time, I didn’t realize I was hurting in my attempts of helping.

As I’ve matured I realize people already know the truth…  They know they’re overweight, making bad decisions, and living their lives recklessly.  She know her husband/boyfriend is cheating; it’s wrong for him to call her out of her name, and that she’s crazy for staying in a situation that adds no value to her life.  He knows his wife/girlfriend is manipulative, using him for money, and that he’s crazy for sleeping with her without a condom…  People already know the truth, so why do we need to confirm what he/she already knows?

The truth does hurt, but it can heal if used properly…  God showed me I was tearing people down with the truth…  I was  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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