What Lie Are You Chained To?


“Before the truth can set you free you need to recognize which lie is holding you hostage” Unknown

Some of you are currently being held hostage to a lie…   You’re chained to “You’ll never be nothing”, “You’re a whore”, “No one wants you”, “You will always be alone”, “You’re fat”, and so many other lies you’ve made your truth.  Maybe it was a mother who was hurt by her mother that spoke it to you…  An abusive husband who heard his father call his mother what he shouted at you…  Or sadly to say, it was YOU who placed the chains of lies around the throat of your inner being…  Whoever it is or whatever it is, you’re manifesting the lie everyday of your life….

I believe if we could control what others say there would be less hurt people in the world, generational curses would be nonexistent, and there would be minimum people living beneath their potential.  Some of you were cursed at an early age, but you didn’t know it…  Because you haven’t broken the chains of the curse, you’re now cursing your children.  You’re speaking the lies disguised as “morals” over their lives, chaining them to the hurt of your mother’s mother or father’s father; you’re continuing to pass down the curses from one generation to the next.  Because you haven’t recognized the lie, you’re unable to break the chains and set yourself free…

Then there are those of you who’s adopted the lies of a spouse, friend, and sadly to say an enemy.  You’re living your life beneath its potential.  Within you are so many great (Click “HERE” to read more)


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