Single Is A Choice…


First, I want to thank all of you who inbox and emailed me regarding the post “Waking Up Alone New Year’s Day”, I’m honored to know it helped you.  After reading some of your messages, I want to talk today about why I’m single…  So here we go…

As stated in “Waking Up Alone New Year’s Day”, it’s not hard to find someone to wake up or be in a relationship with…  It doesn’t matter if you’re plus size, dark skin, big lipped, or have a face only a mother can love; there’s someone willing to be with you.  The real question is, would you be with them?  Some of you reading this post are struggling with being single.  You know you’re an amazing person, bring so much to the table, and have so much love bottled up inside, but you’re still alone…  It’s like “God, why did you give me a heart if You’re not going to give me someone to share it with?”   But if you’re honest with yourselves, are you single because no one wants to get with you?  Because no one meets the requirements of being with you?

So why am I single?  Well it’s because I haven’t found a “Yes” to the 3 questions below…

  • Can they handle me?  Within me are so many gifts and talents, creativity, and a drive to impact the world in a way never seen before.  My “inner being” (Click “HERE” to read more)


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