Don’t Hate It Until You’ve Tried It


As I scrolled through my Newsfeed this morning I came across a post from a friend with the picture I’m using for today’s post.  The picture is showcasing a Pig’s Head which is an entrée served at CBD Provisions Restaurant here in Dallas, Texas.  I can remember the first time she showed me the picture of her and her son eating this entrée and how instantly I wanted to try it.

I reached out to my besties to see if they would join me on this excursion and to my surprise, they all pretty much said no. I’m not sure if the gruesome image of an half eaten pigs head grossed them out, but they were unwilling to go for it, so this brings me to today’s post…So many times we hate things we haven’t even tried…  It could be dating outside our race, trying a rare delicatessen, clothes or shoes, someone of a different race, and so many other things that’s out of our comfort zone and the norm.  Did you know this is “limited thinking”?  It shows immaturity on your part?  Well it is and it does…

Life is about stretching ourselves, growth, and living outside our comfort zones.  It’s about trying new and exciting things, going against the grain, and possessing a limitless mindset.  So many of you are living a limited life based on the experiences of your parents, spouse, friends, pastor, church members, and so  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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