7 Reasons People Give Up…


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Today I’m going to get right to it…  Here are 7 Reasons People Give Up…

  • Lack Confidence… Some people give up before even starting.  Within them are great concepts, ideas and things that could change the world, yet they don’t believe in themselves.  Everyone else see’s their gifts, potential and power, but they lack the ability to see it for themselves.

  • Surrounded by the wrong people…  If you ever want to know what a person is all about, check out their 5 closes friends.  Many times we surround ourselves with those who are either on our level or behind us.  In doing this we set ourselves up for constant competition and the possibility of being held back.  One of the key factors for living a successful life is surrounding yourself with people who inspire you.  If you’re not being pushed forward, you’re being held back.

  • Listening to the wrong people…  Being a visionary can sometimes feel like a curse.  You’re able to see things others can’t, hope for what seems to be impossible, and you’re willing to sacrifice everything to obtain what you want.  As a visionary you must be careful of who’s feeding your inner man/woman.   Many times we’re given advice from those who lack vision, not risk takers, and those who can see a challenge as an opportunity for growth.   Listening to the wrong people will cause you to give up every time…

  • Laziness…  Many people want to see results, but unwilling to put in the work…  It could be weight, finances, a relationship or continuing their education.   Whatever (Click “HERE” to read mroe)


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