Why Guys Wanna Know…


Yesterday I received this question, “Why do men want to know what women tell their girlfriends” from a loyal reader here atJohnPatrickAdams.com.  So I thought I would take this question on and share my two cents on this interesting topic.

So here we go…

The misconception many women have regarding men is that we don’t need our ego’s stroked from time to time…  It’s amazing how women want their man to compliment them by validating she’s phine as hell, intelligent, doesn’t look fat in those jeans, and her beauty holds the power to turn the head of every man she crosses.     When it’s her birthday she silently commands jewelry, Red Bottom Shoes, money, dinner, and all her heart so desires…  She’s wants to be the apple of his eye, but is she willing to make him the apple of hers?

You women reading may have answered, “Yes, I’m willing too”…  But when is the last time you told your man and not your girlfriends, he’s an amazing husband/boyfriend?  When (Click “Here” to read more)


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