I’m Uniquely Yours


Depending on whom you ask will determine who I’m said to be.  To some I’m a jerk, arrogant, “no nonsense” kind of guy, and even been called an asshole…  Then there are those who believe I’m an amazing, supportive, humble, and modest kind of guy…   I can remember a time when I lost sleep, dropped weight, and utilized unnecessary energy focusing on what others thought of me.  When I heard negative perceptions, I tried to correct it.  I wanted everyone to perceive me as the great guy I know I am.  Now that I’m older I’ve embraced those are their thoughts and there’s a strong possibility, their thoughts hold some truth.

In life we wear several hats, depending on the person in whom we are dealing with determines the hat we wear.  Today when hearing what is said, there’s a process I take before responding.  First, I take the source into consideration.  Secondly, I examine our encounter. And lastly, I determine whether or not they’re telling the truth.  You see I can understand why I might be considered as a jerk or an asshole, depending on my encounter with that person, there’s a possibility their actions requested that particular hat.

Now I know some of you are thinking, “You should be the same at all times”, and you’re probably working a dead end job in which you hate, constantly complaining about how others treat you, and  going through each day of your life feeling (Click “HERE” to read more )


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