Why “No” Was The Best “Yes” Ever


So you’ve been dumped, rejected, and denied?  Told “I don’t want you anymore”; “Your credit score is too low”; “Sorry, but we can’t approve you at this time”?  You’re feeling bummed out, disappointed, and feel you’ve been dealt a bad hand of cards yet again?  In moments like these, seeing the brighter side seems quite challenging.    You’re not trying to hear “God has something better”, nor do you want to read another “Keep your head up” post written by John Patrick Adams.  You want what you want and at this very moment, nothing is helping ease the pain of not having it.

Because I’ve been in your shoes, I won’t give you a “Keep your head up” speech, nor will I remind you everything works out for your good.  I’ll just tell you sometimes “yes” come masked as “no”.   Right now you’re going through the frustrations “Click “HERE” tor read more)


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